Human Republic Unveils Correspondence and Magazine Holders for Homes and Offices

If you were always worried about your posts and your correspondence which are mailed to you in print, you are not alone. In times of email and instant messages, you may think that regular correspondence is outta fashion and even redundant. However, people still write letters literally and a lot of that correspondence arrives at your doorstep regularly. What you could do is, get one of cool mail box solutions.

The Viceroy by Toronto’s Human Republic has been designed by Eddie Dagher and Randy Yang. It can be used as a magazine holder or outside for flyers and newspapers. You could also get your company name customized, and you could use it to store correspondence outside the door, or you could use it to store magazines inside.

It is a stylish product that certainly deserves a lot of praise. It is made of injection plastic mold and stitched leather, and is quite fashionable indeed. There is no information about its price but it could certainly help you to store your stuff. There are different brands like the Masquerade as well. Do check them out!

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