Brian Garret Schuur Unveils Customizable Street Headphones

These days, it is all about how we could customize the gadgets and products that we buy. No one wants to have a gadget that looks similar to the other person, and no one wants to buy something that could be bought by someone else in some part of the world.

Since customizing gadgets has gone too far, you could try and get yourself the Street Headphones which have been designed by grad student Brian Garret Schuur as a part of his thesis for rapid manufactured designs. It can be easily customized by the user according to the musical tastes or their favourite artists. Here you can see a headphone with Chemical Brothers written on it.

You could get some other headphone that says “The Cardigans” or something like “Madonna”. I am sure when you take that walk in the park, people would want to make friends with you no matter what, depending on the kind of headphone you’re carrying. So go ahead, and try to get it when it is manufactured. It is still a concept and might take some time to be unveiled to the public! Whatever it might be, it looks really great!

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