S.T Dupont Introduces The All New Special Edition Fountain Pen

One of the biggest names when it comes to luxury and quality male accessories, S.T Dupont has announced the launch of an all new line of special edition fountain pen, that has been released at around the same time as the entire African continent readies itself for one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The all new fountain pen from S.T Dupont is given the name, Olympio Collection Prestige Edition and after extensive feedback and suggestions from the African art community, the luxury accessories maker, decided to cover the pen with exquisite ebony Mozambique. The luxury edition fountain pen has been given details in the palladium, that highlights and adds panache to the dark wood, that is equally complimented with engraved rings. The Olympio Collection Prestige Edition from S.T Dupont comes with an incredible price tag of $1500 and can be acquired from S.T Dupont dealers.

S.T Dupont has long been known to be one of the foremost names in men’s luxury accessories, that includes, pens & stationery, smoking accessories, luxury leather items and male jewelry. The Olympio Collection Prestige Edition fountain pen is also closely followed by other S.TÂ Dupont luxury collection, that includes the fountain in alligator or crocodile and lacquer series Olympio.

Via Webluxe

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