PeterNebengausCollection Introduces Two New Highly Exquisite Porcelain Eggs

From the maker of exquisite and gorgeous porcelain china artifacts, Peter Nebengaus, comes yet another collection of designer porcelain eggs in gold and platinum. The all new PeterNebengausCollection of beautiful designer eggs are manufactured from the best of European porcelain and has enamored these gorgeous pieces of art with gold and platinum.

These new designer eggs are available in 24,34 and 44 centimeters, where the figures measure the height of the eggs. As these porcelain eggs are custom designed, the owners are thereby empowered to get the eggs personalized with the use of personal decorative initials, company logos, a variety of state symbols and art paintings.

One of the most alluring of these decorative art pieces is a gold plated porcelain egg, that has been designed specifically for a Russian politician and the egg carries the the state symbol of the Russian Federation, which is a two headed eagle. This unique personalized porcelain egg measures 34 cms in height and carries true 999-it gold, spanning 27% of the entire egg structure, with a price tag of $15,000.

Another splendid addition to the PeterNebengausCollection is a white porcelain egg, that is studded with a whopping 1,000 Swarovski crystals and carries a price tag of $7,000.

Via Richtigteuer

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