Become A “Top Gun” With Millionaires Concierge Fighter Jet Experience Program!

If you have some lying around just so that you have the fun time of your life, then Millionaires Concierge can take you to the skies in the back seat of a Aero L-39 Albatros Russian training fighter seat, for the most exhilarating ride of your life. The participants of the fighter jet experience program are taken through some of the coolest and the most scintillating flight maneuvers, including vertical charlie and barrel rolls. And to make the experience more exhilarating, the pilot at some point during the flight, will let you take over the stick and fly the fighter jet.

The program offered by Millionaires Concierge consists of as 30 minutes pre-flight briefing, given by a highly experienced ATP (Authority to Proceed) along with an authorized instructor in L-39. The instructions are further clarified by an aerobatic instructor, airshow performer, CFIA, CFII, ASEL, ASES, MEI, AGI, and IGI, to ensure the safety of the passengers. The program itself is divided into three categories with each having a different flight time of 30 mins, 45 mins and 1 hour respectively.

Furthermore, for those looking for more than just a flight experience, there are several other packages in the program, that includes a private island sea-side dinner and this awesome flight service is available across various locations, such as, Florida, Arizona, Alabama, Delaware and California. The price for a 30 mins fighter jet flight is $3,900, a 45 mins flight time will cost $5.500 and an entire hour worth of flight carries a price tag of $6,900.

Via Millionaires Concierge

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