A Vodka Dispensing Wheelchair That Would Even The X-Men To Shame!

A multi-functional wheelchair, that could become a part of its owner, isn’t something new. In fact, there are numerous such chairs in the market that, enable their occupants the freedom of mobility and multi tasking. However, Daniel Valsdez, a designer by profession has come up with an ingenious idea, where in the designer has created an all new wheelchair, that leaves behind the concept of conventional wheelchairs and take the concept of mobility and comfort for the disabled, to an all new level.

The all new Steampunk Professor Xavier Wheelchair Project, which is the official name of this one of a kind wheel chair, looks something that the “Doc” from the “Back To The Future” series could come up with. This extraordinary mobility assistant, comes packed with tubes attached to the back of the wheelchair, that dispense, believe it or not, cranberry and vodka, along with a working smokestack, thus adding a pinch of old times to the incredible project.

The concept of the Steampunk Professor Xavier Wheelchair Project is as such that, the entire awesome structure is built around a 19th century rocker, and has been complimented with pistons taken from a steelworks. Furthermore, this unique and highly creative design comes with Arduino/Adafruit sound effect, adding more class to an already incredible wheelchair.

According to Daniel Valdez,

“What you get when you mix an 1875 Eastlake Victorian platform rocking chair with a Permobil C300 Power wheelchair and a few trips to an antique store. Toss in screaming digital amped sound system, an event triggered sound processor, oh and a portable smoke machine!”

Via Gizmodo

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