Revamped Embraer’s Legacy 650 to Scale the Skies

Sao Paulo is known for all its private helicopters and jets and many of its residents have their own helipads on the top of their buildings. This is because rich people usually get kidnapped in that city for crime is so rife. Thus, Brazilian companies have announced private jets, helicopters and other flying machines to the well heeled public. Moreover, a number of foreigners could buy these vehicles too.

Embraer’s new Legacy 650 is a jazzed up version of the Legacy 600. This aircraft can fly 3,900 nautical miles (7,223 km) nonstop and carry 4 passengers. This means you could travel from London to New York without any interruptions. It is also equipped with high speed internet connections and you could pretend to work while in air.

Of course, it even looks pretty beautiful and there is no information about how much it actually might cost. I am sure it would be really expensive, and if you are looking at the price in a dodged manner, you really should get a life for if you have the money, you are supposed to spend it. And not crimp by any chance!

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