Vintage Louis Vuitton Bench: Fake or Not?

There is nothing better than something from the house of Louis Vuitton, and we all know it. This fashion house has tirelessly created luxury products for decades that even the name Louis Vuitton is enough to make even the drabbest looking product seem luxurious. The funny thing is, none of what they unveil or launch is drab.

This time around there is an antique Louis Vuitton bench that comes with the signature monogram canvas, and is being sold at $6,400. It shall be available at Southall Antiques in San Francisco. The 20th century Louis XV style parcel gilt and acanthus carved piece looks great and there is no denying that it could be a great investment even, for it would fetch more after a few years.

However serious doubts about its authenticity have also been raised, which means it may not be a real Louis Vuitton after all. Nevertheless, you should try and get it for it just looks amazing. This vintage bench could be a great piece to be kept in the living room, and I am sure you can’t deny its sophisticated charm, original or not original.

Via: Luxist

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