Nordic X7i Incline Trainer: Hike In the Comfort of Your Room!

Here is yet another gadget that may not really be exactly useful. This treadmill comes equipped with map and allows you to choose your own hiking path so that you can walk or run on the treadmill as if you would have done in real terrain.

If you set your terrain as San Francisco, you would get to walk the same way and if you choose some place in the Rocky Mountains, you would get to walk uphill. It is powered by maps and costs $2,000. The Nordic X7i Incline Trainer is thus one of the treadmills that you may want to purchase if you want to hike in the comfort of your house. Of course, it can’t really be called hiking can it be?

At $2,000 it is not that expensive either but to make it sound like it is really exclusive is something that is unforgivable. I am not really sure if people would find this treadmill appealing but I am sure people would want to try out the different topographies that are available on the treadmill. In fact it could make for a great gift if someone does not have a treadmill. However, if you already have one, you don’t need to get one of these.

Via: Gear Fuse

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