Halden Prison: A Luxurious Jail or a Humane Project?

Norway is known for its high rate of taxes and really high standard of living. So what do you think their prisons are going to be like? Pretty luxurious indeed, especially when you compare their prisons with the ones in U.K or the U.S.A.

Recently, the Norwegian sources have revealed that the Halden Prison has been opened for the public to see, which is being touted as the most luxurious of prisons all over the world. The prison shall come to be used from April 1, which makes the idea of the prison being a realistic project quite dubious. Nevertheless, the Halden Prison is not exactly a 5 star hotel. It comes with a football court, a gymnasium, a prayer room, a music studio and a carpentry room. Each cell would have a bathroom and a flat screen TV.

People have huge problems with the flat screen TV and we must know that TVs are usually flat these days, and prisoners do have a right to watch TV. Moreover, having a bathroom in every cell is more hygienic than having one for hundreds of inmates. The football ground, climbing wall, and the gym are necessary for prisoners health and well being. So what makes this prison so unbelievable and luxurious? Well actually nothing. It is a decent and well maintained and designed prison, which other people just can’t digest.

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