Swarovski Crystals Encrusted Tissue Roll Box Rocks

You think you personify luxury to T? Think again. In case not, well, make the wish and it is just fulfilled by the ultimate choice of luxury brand. It doesn’t forget your hygiene, and, also adds bling to your lifestyle. Your thinking mind wouldn’t have touched this field on earth.

One wishes to see that stamp of luxury on all things around. A luxurious, dazzling Crystallized Swarovski elements-encrusted tissue box, made of tinted glass and stainless steel, that takes your hygiene to a whole new level. Call it a healing touch with Swarovski dash.

The tissue box boasts of 1,190 crystallized Swarovski Elements adorning it. One cannot be surprised about it, considering that the recently unveiled dais plan for the Oscars has a host of Swarovski crystals hanging from the ceiling. It’s clearly a trend of the return of luxury.

Since Swarovski has covered almost every imaginable object, you might go on the hunt for tissue paper that is luxurious enough to be housed in such a compartment. Measuring 13.5cm in length, 25.5 cm in width and 9 cm in height, this tissue box brings all the missing sparkle to your interiors and keeps an aura of outsized wealth glowing.

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Swarovski Crystals Encrusted Tissue Roll

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