Mind Freak Magician Chris Angel Gets Skeleton Bike

Someone like Chris Angel, the American Magician and Stunt Performer, can’t settle for conventional stuff. His every priced possession ought to hold the audience in awe. So should we be surprised at his choice of a Skeleton Bike?

When speaking of a Skeleton Bike, you will probably think of a two wheeler devil in the shape of a human exoskeleton. Lets those bikes remain in the confine of budding designer’s conceptual work because here we are talking of parts that are made by dipping bones into steel for the frame. Before you point out ethical and moral practices behind using human bones, let me tell you the makers used bones discarded after medical purposes.

Big Bear Choppers has been making custom designed bikes for Chris Angel and this one stands seventh. It was the magician himself who first suggested skeleton bike made out of metal scrap. But Kelvin Aslop, the head honcho of the bike company then recommended using real skeleton bones. He then scored on a foundry in Georgia who could get a real skeleton and then cast it. Well, going by the history of the company, this skeleton motorcycle is another feather in their cap.

Sbsun Via VegasDeluxe

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