LED Table for $23,175: Isn’t It Crazy?

There are several things in this world which are expensive and do not really come under the bracket of luxury. That is because, luxury goods are not all about spending loads of money to buy something that we are told is luxurious.

Luxury products have to be aesthetically appealing and make living a more beautiful experience. Here is an LED Table which does not look great, and it does not look like it is going to make anybody’s life more comfortable either. It has been inspired by Ingo Maurer and costs $23,175.It comes with safety glasses, metal pieces, 278 white LEDs and is powered by 48 volts DC.

This is one of the most inane tables that I have come across, and I don’t understand why someone would pay $23,175 for a table that glows with LEDs. Like I have mentioned earlier, this table surely looks like the products that have been recently launched, like the gold plated gaudy gadgets that cost loads but look really bad. Luxury isn’t about plating something with gold or silver, but about beauty and utility and comfort.

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