A Whooping $100 million went into making of Grand Theft Auto IV

It’s common to see media speaking on what bizarre amount of money goes in making of big banner movies, but similar news pertaining to games never surface unless in spite of the humongous investment, the game goes to the dogs. Well, we just happened to know that Grand Theft Auto IV is the most expensive game ever!

The sand-box-style-action is developed by Rockstar North with a team of almost 1000 men over three and half years. So if one would consider the overhead cost of technology, man power and intrinsic creativity for this time span, development expenditure had to reach sky heights. It’s the first game in console series that features online multiplayer mode. Even thought it has been the child of controversy, it still remains at third position among top rated games.

Grand theft Auto IV is followed by Gran Turismo and Shenmue with respective production budgets of $80 million and $70 million. So next time, you think a game is over priced, do look up for the kind of resources that went in making so that one can reason out things better and make an informed choice.


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