Private Shoppes Unveil In-flight Catalogues for Private Jet Flyers

The economy really seems to be recovering for private jets and their users have gone up considerably. There have been several governments announcing that their recession period is over and that the economy is really kicking in.

If you use private jets often, you may perhaps have not thought about SkyMall. Private Shoppes has now created an amazing in-flight and online catalogue for those who wish to shop while on their private jets. Apparently around 3.5 million people fly privately and that is a huge number, if you asked me. Private Shoppes certainly know that they can tap this huge and luxury market in order to provide great in-flight catalogues.

Some of the brands that would be exhibited in the catlogues include brands like Tumi, Mulholland, Steuben Glass, Shafer Vineyards, Bissinger’s Chocolatier and many more. I guess this really is a step in the right direction for it shows that people have no qualms about spending money anymore and they can really afford to! I guess this is the end of recession and we could all expect to see a brighter and newer future in life.

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