Karim Rashid’s New Age Furniture Echoes Vibrance

Evoking calmness, casualness, driven by vibrant forms that are refreshing and awakening, are metaphors for a new world of well-being. Karim Rashid, who creates furniture for Vondom, follows the method of an overriding world canvas – for new well-being. If his latest designs are anything to go by, with their wavy and pastel look, well being takes wings with ease.

Doux� means organic, spontaneous, friendly, and colorful. Doux is actually a A multifunctional table that not only works as a table, but storage space too. It can also be used as a flower pot or a cool ice-tray for champagne, when raised up. Lava is a huge organic sculpture, like a cloud on floor. Call it a cloud like bench. An LED lamp integrated with it, would be spectacular for lounge space.

The flowing wave of lounge chair Surfvertex’s� ultra-contemporary looks, with dynamic triangular planes, creates comfortable forms suitable for dining, meeting rooms, casual needs, or even banquet and lecture halls. The multi-functional Pal stool has room for storage. When flipped over, it turns into a small side table. When placed together with a second, becomes coffee table for indoor or outdoor furniture.

Vase Vlek’s design gives it green sense, with its self-watering system. It allows `autonomy’ of watering until 120 days. It guarantees water care for your plants when you are on vacation.

Via: Karim Rashid, contemporist

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