God Understands the Poor, the Church Understands Them Even Better

‘The Homeless Warming Shelter of Brattleboro Vermont’ is what the First Baptist Church in Brattleboro, Vermont, wants to be known as and it is working well to achieve this goal. The church, which is famous for the four stained glass windows, is planning to sell one of them in an effort to raise funds to help the poor and provide shelter to the homeless.

It was not easy to turn to this decision, so the members choose to vote and the majority of the voters were up for the selling of this Tiffany work for a good cause. The Tiffany work of St John can provide enough for the homeless shelter, the heating bills, leaky roof and many more trivial costs.

Sylvia Seitz, the treasurer said “From December to March, the shelter gives 30 to 50 guests per night a hot meal, a sleeping bag and a warm place to sleep.”

The Vermont auction is expected to fetch an amount of $100,000 for the divine art piece. This auction can only be averted if some generous donor shells out such a hefty amount. The church community¬ will ¬ certainly consider it to be a miracle, if it happens!

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