Estede Teams Up with Bentley to Unveil $15,000 Sunglasses

We have already discussed how something that is so ordinary gets a tag of luxury and several thousands of dollars just because it is coated with silver or gold. With that in mind, here is yet another product that claims to be “luxurious” for it is made of silver palladium, 18 carat gold and platinum. It is being unveiled by Austrian eyewear manufacturer Estede in collaboration with Bentley.

These sunglasses look pretty ordinary and they do not really look fashionable. Of course, they are made of all the above said metals, but does that serve the purpose of looking sexy and glamorous? The silver palladium version would cost you $1,900, which is not a bad price. The 18 carat gold one costs $5,500 and the platinum sunglasses cost an insane amount of $15,000!

Why on earth would anyone want to spend so much of money on sunglasses when they do not even look really special? I guess the manufacturers still believe that precious metals and a “limited edition” tag would work wonders in the luxury industry. Unfortunately, things do not work in such a simple manner.

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