Elite Estate: The Hampton’s Luxury House Left a Bad Taste in Keith Rubenstein’s Mouth

Paid the price, but the condition of the house took you by surprise?? Recently there has been a situation that very well exemplifies the previous statement and Keith Rubenstein can certainly vouch for it.

Keith Rubenstein, who paid $195,000 and rented the Hampton’s Luxury house has� apparently landed in a big trouble, as the house turned out to be a “hellhole”( as described by the man himself). Mr. Rubenstein had seen the house before renting it but could not ferret out the major problems in the house like defective appliances, poor air conditioning, an out and out spa and many more defects which normally go unnoticed at the first go.

“The conditions were terrible,” said his lawyer, Larry Hutcher. “It’s not what he expected, and it’s certainly not what he paid for.”

Keith Rubenstein has a reputation of owning houses and mansions which normally anyone would yearn to own. Now, to keep his this reputation alive, he does not want to live in that house anymore, which he describes as a “dump”. He has sued the home owner Mid-Summer Dream LLC and has demanded his security deposit of $19,500 back along with one fourth of the $195,000, which was the rent!

via: nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime

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