Dancing Vases Could Be a Metaphor for the Balancing Act of Man

Robin van Hontem has unveiled his new creation “Dancing Vases” which are intriguing and mysterious to say the least. The Dancing Vases represent the balance and was inspired by the spinning top, which is a popular toy. When you spin a top, you could observe its various movements and the way it changes its colour, its shape and the aesthetic sensibility all of which are visual illusions.

In the end, the illusions come to an end when the spinning top stops spinning and comes to an abrupt halt. These vases are produced in Nylon using a technique called Rapid Prototyping Technique. He is also producing larger vases in ceramic and they can be used as vases in order to highlight the beauty of your living room.

The small vases measure 9 cm in height and could be used in places like the kitchen or even in the bathroom. The larger ones measure about 18 cms in height and could practically be used anywhere you want. The glowing and luminous dancing vases represent the different movements and balancing acts represented through the spinning top. It could be a metaphor for all the balancing acts we indulge in life!

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