NASA Puffin: A Cross between a Car and an Aircraft

If you were wondering which is the latest vehicle to hit the news, it is the Puffin by NASA. NASA does not manufacture vehicles but they do provide technologies which could be used by manufacturers in order to develop new products. This time around, they have designed the Puffin, which is a vehicle that stands somewhere midway between a car and an aircraft.

It was developed in partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Georgia Institute of Technology, the National Institute of Aerospace and M-DOT Aerospace. It holds one man and is powered electronically. It weighs about 136 kilos and another 45 kilos of battery. It would also travel at a speed of 241 kilometres/hour which is much faster than a car but slower than an aircraft.

I guess the person who flies this would always have to lie on his tummy, and would never be able to sit in an upright position, if we were to believe the pictures. I am not sure how safe this vehicle is, or even how practical it would be for we do not want Puffins crashing into each other above our roofs.

Via: Luxury Insider

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