Gorenie Ora-Ito kitchen by Morabito Looks Uber-chic

You might have wondered many a times that it is quite annoying that the kitchen is always in one place, and you have to go to the living room in order to speak to your guests while cooking. Sometimes you may also wish to cook out in the open when it is sunny and bright but get disappointed since the kitchen is built in a place, and you can’t really move it.

How could you like a kitchen that is portable and could be transported wherever you wanted? The Gorenie Ora-Ito kitchen by Morabito comes with advanced technology and is made of a single composite material. You could use it in the house or outside or wherever your heart might wish for. The kitchen comes with ovens, refrigerators, extractor hoods, ceramic hobs, microwaves and dishwashers and looks similar to the iPod.

Thanks to materials like black glass, brushed aluminium surfaces and aluminium handles you would get a visually attractive portable, freestanding and transportable kitchen. You could cook, dine or relax within the Gorenie Ora-Ito kitchen by Morabito. I would say, this is an excellent idea!

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