Elite Estate: Move Your Profession to the Waters

With budget crunches and recession we have all see the property markets fail. Interestingly, most of us cannot afford a decent office space no matter where, and with that we also have annoying authorities knocking at the door of our offices asking for licenses. Depending on the kind of profession you are in, you would usually run into trouble with the kind of people you professionally need to avoid.

In order to work in “privacy” and “entertain” your clients in peace, you could consider buying the H2Office by WaterSpace. It is a custom built office with several different internal configurations possible. It even comes with the notorious “private area” which could be used for the purpose of “professional activities”.

It also comes with the much needed pull-out bed if you get too comfortable with your client, and the kitchenette helps you make some tea for your adorable clients. The external sun deck could be used as a frill benefit or to advertise yourself to improve your professional activities. It could be used in shallow waters and dark areas where you can work in peace. It costs $92,677.

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