Now Experience the ‘7 Star Service’, Thanks To the Magnums Butlers International

The hospitality sector is going to raise its bar of excellence as the ‘7 Star Service’ is here. I am not talking about any kind special service rendered by some Asian waiters. It is the name of a training program launched by the Magnums Butlers International, which will help service providers hone their skills to achieve optimum satisfaction of the customers.

It is going to be a 5 day program which will commence on 15th March in Jakarta and 22nd March in Bali. It will not jus be limited to the butlers but all the staff which is concerned in some way or the other with the process of rendering services. It will surely help hotels touch unbelievable standards of perfection and service.

The five day program will focus on the key points like, importance of giving attention to the details and understanding a guest’s unsaid needs, customizing services in accordance with the hotel and the guests, offering the guests an opportunity to unravel the luxuries of the hotel and adding a personal touch to the services.

After a five day’s work they assure you that your staff will have well equipped skills in welcoming the guests, ensuring their comfort and paying attention to their personal hygiene as well!

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