Factor 001: A New Invention by the Makers of the Formula One

If your son wants a bike you better pray that it’s not the Factor 001 bicycle, because if that’s what he is asking then you will have to shell out a whooping £22,000. The Factor 001 bicycle has been made by the makers of the Formula one at BERU f1 systems in Norfolk, no wonder it is so expensive.

The frame of this bike is made from carbon monocoque and thus it is light as a feather. It can be customized to suit the owner’s requirements, like, if he wants to get his name engraved on the handles of the bike, it can be done.

This machine can accelerate to incredible speeds in no time and continue to run even when you jump off, now that is something cool! Besides, it can also record data on biometrics and ergonometrics and display it on an LCD screen attached to it.

The design and size of this bike are customizable and that is the reason BERU said that they won’t be able cater this bike to everyone, as it requires six skilled engineers a week to build a bike. Now, they definitely made themselves sound like the Michelangelo and this bike as the Sistine Chapel!

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2) worldcarfans

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