Jumby Bay claims to be Antigua’s Zero Crime Destination

Jumby Bay is a luxury relaxation centre that gives no keys to its guests.

Talk about trusting strangers in a place where you don’t belong and anybody would give their piece of mind to you. Well, with both terrorist attacks and criminal activities soaring through roof-tops, you can’t blame people for being cynical. But Jumby Bay in the Antigua Island has a different story to say.

The luxury relaxation boutique doesn’t give keys to its guests and claims to have made sufficient arrangements for the security of its room occupiers. A¬ retired secret service agent from US heads the security team and apart from staffers and residents, nobody is allowed to stay back after evening hours.

Antigua too has had its own share of violent crime and robbery, so one would still have their inhibitions. I think Jumby Bay intends to deliver an all round relaxation experience by by asking their visitors to leave their worries behind as they splurge into bounties of natural beauty in and around that place. The resort has over 40 rooms and suites with a price tag of $1,395 per night that take care of accommodation, food, drinks and water sports too. The price isn’t too much to ask if one weighs it with luxury perquisites that come along.

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