High End Briefcase Matches Your Car

Got a car and want a matching briefcase to go with it? Dynamic Innovations has done just that. Pick your car for the day and get the right suitcase to go with it. Chuck the old saying that your car should reflect your personality. Here’s a product design that adheres to what one could define as – a briefcase reflecting your car’s personality. May be yours too. But only, may be. Industrial design engineer Beau Reid has come up with innovative custom-made carbon fiber briefcases to match your four wheelers.

Dynamic Innovations, the company involved, is where each briefcase is custom made to match the consumer’s automobile with paint and interior. The best of materials go into the design. Beau Reid has used the highest quality leather and paint to match the vehicles. The result, is briefcases that not just resonate with car colours, but also reflect the elegance of their `parent’ car models!

The other good feature about these briefcases, is that they are equally sturdy. Now, whether you want to stick with one piece for long term use, or do not mind switching pieces through your work days, is your decision. But then, the briefcase does not come easy. At $15,000, it may probably be the most expensive briefcase! The designer however indicates that the price may come down when the product goes into mainstream production in near future.

Via: beaureid

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