$1 million Sale of .Org Domain is Highest Till Now

Current day race for the most sought after virtual domain names throws up interesting revelations. If you thought the net belongs primarily to the dot.coms, here is some news that would make you sit up and take notice. Sedo, a domain marketplace has just brokered a sale that can safely be considered the largest so far, of a .org domain till now. The domain poker.org was sold to PokerCompany.com for a pricely figure of $1 million. It was brokered on behalf of National A-1 Advertising.

Before the sale of poker.org, the highest .org sale had been for a whopping $198,000 for the website www.engineering.org, followed by sexe.org which sold for $151,400. As such, the sale of poker.org may not be considered dramatic in times of dot.com fixation. It is in fact smaller than some of the largest .com sales. For instance, Toys.com sold for a royal sum of $5.1 million for Toys.com, and $3 million changed hands for the candy.com sale. Domain name registrations for .org’s have gone up a great deal recently.

They have been up by 11 per cent in the first half of 2009 as compared to the same period its previous year. The internet has over seven million .org domain registrations. In effect, it is the third largest of sought after domain extensions.

Via: techcrunch, poker.org, engineering.org

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