New Kitchen Concept by Electrolux Can Change Kitchen Use

A kitchen table, cooking surface, and a bar – all in one piece, in your kitchen! The all new `Heart of the Home’ integrated cooking concept could well change the way we cook in eat in the coming years if it works. The new kitchen concept was presented on February 12, at the Swedish Museum of Architecturein Stockholm.

The concept is personalized, to the extent that it could make the bulk of your cooking utensils obsolete. You could well view it as a next generation stove to understand its use better. Here is how it works: Simply place the ingredients for your dish that needs to be cooked, on the surface. After deciding on your recipe, mark an area with your hand to settle on the part of the surface that you want to use for cooking and how large the cooking area should be. Simply press your hand against the malleable material to create the desired depth on the surface to cook. After you get the required width and depth, all you have to do, is to set the temperature an time with a simple touch of the finger.

Call it a smart kitchen, for, the piece `Heart of the Home’ would know what recipes to make from the ingredients you place on the surface!

For those of us used to the traditional method of pots and pans, this concept may take a while to adjust if it becomes reality, despite its novelty factor. Experimenting with a variety of dishes gets a new limitation too, with the pre-setting of cooking area and temperature. But then, novelty pays. It could become a social gathering spot in your home!

Via: Electrolux Design Lab

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