World’s Largest Banana Museum Collection Up for Sale

Here is something you definitely have no need to go bananas over! And that lets you go gaga over bananas. It’s about the banana museum, that the Guiness Book of World Records says, is the world’s largest collection devoted to any fruit. If you have those real deep pockets and love bananas, you can own this club now.

The Banana Club and Museum have been on air, with as many as 94 TV shows around the world to their kitty, besides coverage in major newspapers of the world. The Banana Club and Museum came about in 1976.Dressed as the Banana Man, Ken Bananister would popularize the banana club with banana stickers, aimed at laughter, humour for good health.

In no time, people offered support in plenty. Many wanted to learn `bananistry’. The museum, an enviable collection of thousands of banana themed items, had gone up on sale, on ebay before for $45,000. But now, it is up for sale at for a far lower price.

Ken Bannister decided to sell the collection after the Hesperia Recreation and Park District told him he could no longer rent space at the Harrison Exhibit Building in Hesperia. Left with little choice on another location and the fact that he does not want them junked in storage, Bannister opted for the sale.� Owning the museum will cost you $15,000.

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