Wine Lovers’ Treat: 18 L Wine Bottle Up for Grabs at Sotheby’s

Do you love anything ale? And love to collect all things wine? Including wine of course! If wine is your thing and if you mind not a bit about through some precious cash to grab a collectible, here is a large bottle of it you can take home.
Large meaning, a bottle that holds 18 full liters of wine, a significantly more quantity than the normal 750 ml that people are used to buying.

It is expected to go under the hammer at Sotheby’s next week. And is part of the Finest and Rarest Wines and Vintage Port auction that will happen there.The bottle weighs 25 kilograms, is 75 cm high and has a circumference of 70 cm. Looking at it is one thing, and holding it another different challenge. The phenomenally rare wine bottle, as Sotheby’s officials put it, can pour into 144 glasses.

Wednesday is when the wine among other rare and fine wines, will go up for bidding. What is not clear, is once you acquire this exquisite piece of innovation, what could exactly be the degree of difficulty in tilting it in the perfect angle to pour into a glass? It would probably take a bar-tender with superb skills to take on that uphill task!

Via: dailymail uk

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