S T Dupont Launches Neptune God Inspired Limited Edition Set

Heading to planet Neptune is something we humans can seldom dream of. Living in fascination of Neptune God, the penultimate God of Water in Roman Mythology, is a less expensive option. If you are willing to spend for the love of it though and have what it needs to own the thing, you can hope to own a precious piece inspired by Neptune, the Roman God who controls a very peaceful kingdom under the sea.

Luxury French accessories label S.T. Dupont has launched a limited edition Neptune serenity gift set. You may not quite want to gift this set away, for its sheer simplicity in design that combines well with perfection in quality.
The Limited edition set represents waves and serenity in deep blue Chinese placed lacquer. With just 888 units up for sale, the gift set includes one Ligne 2 lighter, and three Olympio Large pens, which is, a fountain pen, a roller and a ballpoint. Owning this lovely set of writing instruments and lighter would cost you the upward price of $1,000.

You could go for it even if God Neptune means little to you, for it may remind you of that perfect beach holiday you have so loved.

Via: ST Dupont

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