The Flaming Lips Bathroom May Take Your Breath Away

Wondering if you are on your way to heaven? Let me assure you that you certainly are if the way leads through this bathroom. The ‘Flaming Lips’ bathroom designed by the FitzSimmons Architects truly exemplifies their music culture and their elaborate designs, only this is chic.

The circular wall made of small pieces of mirror is apparently the eye-catcher and glamorizes the whole concept of a washroom and turns it into a discotheque look-alike. This bathroom is designed in the Oklahoma mansion of the ‘flaming lips’. The architect made sure that he pushes the boundaries and creates a magnum opus this time, and I must say that his efforts have paid off well.

The igloo type entrance and the walls give it a shiny icy look and its ill-defined edges will almost melt your heart away. Wayne Coyne (flaming lips spokesman) describes this bathroom as a strange but futuristic bathroom and can not stop raving about it.

This serene looking bathroom does not need a Jacuzzi or a sauna to turn it into a get-away, because it already is one. The architect made this artistic bathroom and turned it into a place where you won’t escape from, but escape to!

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  • I cannot even tell you how inspired I am by FitzSimmons Architects and the Flaming Lips. This unique space truly captures the spirit of The Flaming Lips and then some. this is visually magical.

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