A knife too Classy to Use, courtesy Nesmuk, Swarovski

Can a knife ever be the sign of indulgence? Put that thought to rest. For, Nesmuk knives can well be pitched as the most expensive of knives in the world. They boast of Swarovski Elements crystals. Nesmuk’s chef knife is in fact and indeed an example of what exactly happens when a jeweler and a blade-smith get together to put their heads for something creative. In this case, it is Swarovski that the classy knife making firm has tied up with.

Nesmuk chef knife has 647 Swarovski Elements crystals on the handle, blue sapphire crystals that add a dash to the handle curve. Its blade has 400 layers of Damascus cocktail and a cutting position of the finest carbon steel. This crystallized chef’s knife is handmade and holds a price tag of $16,340 which is incidentally 12,000 euros.

Should such a knife adorn the shelf of our kitchens though, one doubts if it is possible enough to go beyond admiring the intricate design and actually using the knife to chop our ingredients. Or, if using these knives will in any way add taste to our dishes. But then as they say, style matters. The highly priced chef knife surely must have a place in the homes of celebrities.

Via: Richtig Teuer

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