South Korea Gets a Green Signal for its Robot Land Theme Park

South Korea is planning to construct a ‘Robot Land Theme Park’ in an endeavor to boost the number of tourists visiting that country. This ground-breaking concept will be materialized very soon and will be constructed in Masan, South Korea.

On getting a green signal by all the investors and the city planning council, South Korea is going to embark on the construction process of this park ASAP. Masan was chosen as the natural and technological fronts in this place blend harmoniously.

The majority of the robots in this park will be the health care robots, the industrial robots and the underwater robots. Though some problems like, transportation, electric supply, commuting, etc did arise, but the authorities are trying their best to get the job over by 2018.

The interesting part is because the private investors and the government easily got ready to rope in the funds, so they might open up another park too. Now, that will be a treat for the tourists, as no other country has planned such an extravaganza in the time of economical crisis. The total costs of this grand venture will be $603,000,000. The Government plans to pay one-third of this astronomical amount.

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  • This project was never a reality. Only the Incheon site went through a conceptual design before being cancelled in the fall of 2010.

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