Luxury Yachts: Poor Tiger Woods Tries to Woo Wife with $2 Million Boat

Tiger Woods has been disgraced and humiliated for his promiscuous nature. Moreover, he had married Swedish model Elin Nordegen and the media and public were horrified as the black golf player cheated the Swedish wife. If a white player had done the same thing, the wife would have been called a “bitch” who did not “satisfy him” or that the wife did not love enough.

Well, it may not be racial but it certainly seems to me so. Nevertheless, the poor guy is again trying to woo his wife, and this time around he has just bought her a $2 million sailboat. The $2 million sailboat is called Solitude and has currently been docked at Pirate’s Cove Resort & Marina.

It is located 10 minutes from Tiger’s Jupiter Island estate in Florida. I am sure Elin is one lucky girl for even if she gets rid of Tiger Woods, she would have the sympathy of the whole world, a good amount of alimony, support systems, the privilege of being a victim and of course, the $2 million boat which she could use to cruise around with hotter guys around the world.


Via: All Headline News

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  • Racist? Hardly… maybe it’s the fact that he had 10+ partners while they were married? The racism thing is WAY too farfetched, I mean, he was almost everyone’s favorite golfer… it’s not like people were trying to find ways to blame it on him.
    It was shocking to hear how many affairs he’s had, nobody cares what race he’s from.

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