Elite Estate: Utopia Would be an Opulent Residential Ship

If you ever dreamed of living on the sea all your life, you would have to be a sailor. Moreover, you would need to know how to survive the rough waters literally. If you expect a luxurious lifestyle and a lifelong cruise, it may not really happen unless you choose to buy one of these new floating home plans. A Beverly Hills company is planning to build a $1.1 billion ship and sell cabins to people for $3.7 million to $26 million.

The price of the cabins would depend upon the location, and the ship itself is going to be one helluva opulent venture. Many consider this to be a foolish venture considering the rough tides against our economies. Nevertheless, we should note that it would be a great thing if one could buy one of the cabins aboard this ship.It would sail to Mediterranean during the Cannes film festival, to Rio during the carnival, and to Sydney during New Year.

The ship would come with amazing features such as hardwood floors, marble kitchen countertops, recessed lighting, walk-in closets and fireplaces. It would also have a lazy river and water bodies. The ownership would be limited to companies and that means if you buy the cabin, you do not own a part of the ship. You just own the cabin.

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