Studio Volpi Launches a Sleek Mower

Studio Volpi may be small but it understands the needs of a fashionista very well. After all how could it not have let fashion creep into its designs when the studio itself is located near the fashion hub, Milan! The trendy and fashionable scooter which you see in the picture is a lawn mower, designed perfectly to suit your immaculate lawn.

This machine is launched by the Studio Volpi to create an idea of ‘garden cleaners’. It does not require any fuel or electric supply to work, all it needs is a few hours out in the sun. That is right it is solar powered! Its quieter mechanism lets you take an undisturbed nap while the lawn is being mowed.

If a back-ache is keeping you from mowing the lawn, then this lightweight and fast mower will get the job done in minutes, without you even having to worry about perfection.

It has a foldable handle which makes it a compact piece and can easily snuggle in any corner of your garage. The polymer-ion battery system is removable and can be replaced if the battery goes haywire. This inexpensive mower is a must buy for an urban home!

via: designboom

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