Get a Malle a Feu to Beat the Chilly Winters

No, this not a toaster nor a treasure box, it is a portable fireplace. Gone are the days when one had to carry the whole barbeque smoker on a picnic lunch, now you have this portable fireplace, which can produce flames instantly.

This is by far the most needed holiday device ever made because it is not difficult to count the number of times when we decide to go out on a picnic (or even an outdoor lunch for that matter) and we face difficulty in collecting wood for a good barbecue meal and not to mention the hassles which come along with it.

This magic box will certainly satisfy our needs to some extent! It has been designed by Atria and is named ‘Malle a Feu’. This chest’s primary feature is to serve as a fire place, but what the heck, take it outdoors and it becomes your own barbecue machine.

The enamel coated walls give it a very chic look, it has a lid on the top, which opens horizontally and reveals two fire-breathing slits. It does not require any maintenance and does not produce any ash! Now that makes it a very clean machine!

via: trendir

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