Can This Vase Do Your Heart Good?

Making a vase of the shape of an organ is not my idea of making a vase! It would certainly gross out some of you too, but after taking a look at the above vase, I am sure your perception must have changed, a tad!

Though it is not the kind of vase that you would want to decorate on your dinner table (as it may make it difficult for you to swallow your food, especially if it is meat), but it certainly has some aesthetic value. It will very well compliment a Doctor’s desk or a butcher’s for that matter!

This multicolored and delicate glass piece is the creation of Eva Milinkovic. I am wondering, what inspired her? This vase has neither well pronounced edges nor well matched colors, but still if your loved one gifts you this fragile piece, you would love to treasure it!

This Valentine’s Day you could use this to bait your crush and stick up a corny line to go with it like “Here is my heart for you”. The person would surely go out with you, if only you are ruled by the luckiest stars!

via: tsunamiglassworks

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