Flyin’ Trike from Art In Motion

We have just discovered the Flyin’ Trike, which is an interesting trike built by Art In Motion, and it’s sure to receive a lot of attention from the bike enthusiasts. It definitely looks very inviting. It would be such fun to take this to the country side and keep riding on and just shrug off the monotonous lifestyle, and instead get involved in a wild ride.

The trike was apparently built in 2009 by Tom Knapp, the shop owner who conceived the frame on CAD and asked Rolling Thunder Manufacturing frame experts to produce it as a softail with a 6-inch stretch in the arched backbone and a 38-degree rake. The 96″S&S engine, which comes with Diamond Cut jugs by Diamond Heads is used while taking off, and shifts on a 5-speed transmission.

Out of all these high-end features, the fuel tank that is placed behind the seat stands out the most and catches your attention immediately. It offers a 5-gallon reserve of fuel, which means you do not have to worry about refueling it every other time. Most importantly, the trike will automatically make you look super manly. The maidens passing by the road side are bound to swoon over you.

Via: ArtInMotionllc\CyrilHugeBlog

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