Swirl: Kick the Ball, Wash the Clothes!

Developing countries don’t really have everything that we take for granted. For instance, countries in Latin America, Africa and Southern Asia are so poor that most cannot afford a washing machine, and sometimes they do not even have access to running water. They are also quite nomadic and travel from place to place, making the act of doing laundry a cumbersome and difficult process.

Most of these countries also believe washing has to be done by women, as poverty is directly linked to sexism. Pedro Gomes from Designaffairs Studio has announced the Swirl concept which is targeted at developing countries. Swirl makes doing the laundry a fun act, and aims to bridge the gap between women and children, reduce sexist ideas that washing is a woman’s job, save water and also allow entertainment.

Swirl is a ball like object that comes with a space to keep the clothes, fill it with water and roll it around or kick the ball around like in play. In the process, the clothes are washed.

It can be carried anywhere by just pulling or pushing, or just kicking around.

It is an amazing and fun product designed for the poor in developing countries.

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