Artist Paints His Heart for Your Valentine

People can go crazy to practically unthinkable lengths in this business of professing love. They propose while on flight, enjoy expensive vacations, host events, buy up gadgets, and even paint cards or settle for a quite dinner at home! While creativity gets put to maximum use this season, an artist has gone one step further.

Artist David Foox, has created a limited edition of eight anatomical hearts painted upon actual X-ray films. It is his creative expression of love to the beloved. The expressions do not come so cheap though. Each X-ray painted limited edition piece would cost you a neat $3,000.
Each piece is mounted on a light box and measures 20″ x 17″ x 3″ each.

It is not certainly a customized heart that you give to your beloved, for it is David’s heart that he used for the `artistic’ pieces.

One cannot call these pieces unique, but different they are, crazy they are definitely. He painted an image of his own heart, using heavy duty acrylics, hand mixed from powder to liquid paint by himself, atop real X-Ray images of his own chest.

Talk of innovation in selling Valentine Products! Go ahead if you want to shell out hard earned $3,000.

Via: ifitshipitshere, notcot

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  • Oh my gosh! That’s amazing and very very original in its conceptual thinking. The beating heart on top of his very own x-ray is amazing *~~SWOON~~* Keep up the David Foox artwork postings. Beautiful meaningful artwork.

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