An Artistic Take on Population by Mathieu Lehanneur

Mathieu Lehanneur is again in the news for making an art piece which speaks about the whole world. This creation speaks more of his intelligence than his artistic prowess. He has created urns, which reveal the population pattern of different countries.
Taking up demographic data and turning it into an aesthetic art piece is a sheer work of intelligence and skill.

These enamel textured urns might strike as just another artistic showpiece, but there is more to it, these pieces have a varying shape because each step in the curve represents the population of that place in that particular year.

The urn with the largest number of curves is the one which represents Russia. It is not surprising, as the population of Russia has varied consistently, could be because of World war or the much famed recession which hit it recently. On the contrary, Egypt and U.S.A have broader bases which represent the increase in population in the recent years.
These pieces have been made taking statistics of places till the year 2007, they stand 29.5″ tall and are priced at $9,000(6,000 euros). The height can be regulated as per the demands of the customers. The purchases can be directly made from the site

via: mathieulehanneur


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