TimeTable Is A Great Clock That Comes With The Side Table Functioning As Well.

One look at it and you will be compelled to pick it up and wear it on your wrist, it’s probably because of the size of the dial. But, wait a minute. This one is a wood tabletop and desk clock and likes to go by the name TimeTable. Meant to be placed as your side table, this unique concept draws heavily from the wristwatch that was originally kept on the small little furniture unit in that place. We like it so far!

The TimeTale comes with an acrylic clock dial that is set within rosewood. A strong layer of functioning glass covers the table to protect the watch while providing a usable surface. This product stands comfy on a leather base that is reminiscent of the contours of a wristwatch strap.

Price tag reads $30,800. Yep, it’s pretty big for a piece of furniture but we think it’s justified considering the novelty it will bring to your home decor. Did we mention the nickel-plated crown detailing that can be illuminated with the use of electric power. A great way to stay organised while making your surroundings look great. Definitely go for this one!

Via davidlinleyfurniture

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