Presenting Je Ne Sais Quoi: The All New Online E-Boutique

In today’s world of online computing, business and shopping, the realm of fashion and lifestyle could not be left behind either and keeping this mind Mireille Nagourney, has launched an all new online e-boutique, by the name of, Je Ne Sais Quoi Je Ne Sais Quoi (JNSQ), that means “I Don’t Know What, in English. The online boutique offers some of the most exquisite products that includes the categories such as ready-to-wear, accessories and lifestyle goods for both men and women.

Unlike regular online retail stores, the Je Ne Sais Quoi maintains a collection of items that exhibit quality artisan craftsmanship and are known to have an extremely rare distribution history and are available to only a handful of customers. Due to the fact that, Ms. Nagourney only features some of the most exquisite and exclusive products in her collection, the boutiques has fast achieved the graces of celebrities.

One of the brands that are available via the Je Ne Sais Quoi, is the Ettinger, a brand that for the last 70 years has known to be world’s one of the most exclusive brands, dealing in leather goods and products.

Ettinger was also awarded with a Royal Warrant to HRH the Prince of Wales, because of their exquisite craftsmanship. Ms. Nagourney was born and brought up in France by American parents and has exhaustive knowledge of fashion and lifestyle. Her experience in the field of fashion enables her to select the most exclusive brands for the boutique’s customers.

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