Mad Men’s Batt Designs Loveseat for Playboy

What happens when Playboy ties up with Madman star Bryan Batt? You get an incredible new piece of Limited Edition furniture – loveseat! A piece of furniture you will want to grab if you are a fan of Mad Men and Playboy!

It is called The Hef, a collector’s item and for a princely sum of $15,000, it comes autographed by Hugh Hefner sound. Its launch will happen next month, with the 50th year anniversary of Playboy Clubs. Batt has designed the 1960s era piece and is nostalgic about those years for the superb designs that emerged then.

To make the whole thing special, the effort is to keep the seats slotted in a limited edition format, with only 50 of them available for purchase. Not surprisingly enough Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner’s signature will be placed under a cushion and sewn into the fabric as a permanent label. Call that branding, typical Playboy style! Hefner is a self confessed fan of Mad Men.

The loveseat, will be wrapped in grey. It will have rosewood side panels, foam seat cushions and all-down back cushions. The loveseat will be sold exclusively by, the design store co-owned by Bryan Batt with a partner.

Via: prnewswire

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