At-At Walker: Star Wars inspired lamp makes for a perfect conversation piece!

Pop culture and Star Wars- now there is a perfect combination that has made it through the test of time. From the weapons of the Jedi to the hair styles and gold bikini, nothing ever is uncool when it has been ripped off (in other words inspired) from this hit series. Now LIFEGOODS is offering another piece of furniture that will ensure that you are a hit among your circles and provide you with a great conversation piece as you throw party at home. The At-At Walker, inspired by the AT-AT walking vehicle (Now that’s creativity for you… They could not even make up a new name!) looks more like a desk, but opens up into a lamp to the surprise of everyone around.

The whole thing looks pretty trendy as well with its wooden look, but being inspired by the future; one might have guessed that a more metallic, minimalist version would be welcome as well. For those who have watched The Empire Strikes Back and have fond memories, this will be a gift they will find hard not to get excited about.

While the price tag and availability are not yet clear on this lamp from ‘far, far away’, there is absolutely no doubt that it will have plenty of takers the moment it hits stores!

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