The World’s Biggest Yacht Is Just On The Horizon To Sweep You Away!

The economic downturn and the global recession that marred the year 2009, not only affected the common man, but also left its make on the production and sales of luxury products, including, sports cars, luxury villas and even luxury sea vessels. Therefore, it is no surprise that the personal yacht business took a hit as well. But, that doesn’t seem to faze Emocean Yacht Design, a Belgian luxury ship builder, that has now unveiled its plans to design and develop an ultra luxurious private yacht, that once finished would become the world’s biggest sailing yacht.

Aptly named Project 1000, the entire vessel would measure an astounding 656 feet and as per the plans the ship will even dwarf the Eclipse, the private yacht owned by the Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich and the new yacht will cost somewhere around a whopping $500 million to $900 million a piece. The proposed will not only be gigantic in size, it will also feature some of the most luxurious amenities of modern luxury travel, such as a 100-foot swimming pool and a health spa among many others.

As fro the performance, the new luxury vessel will be able cover an amazing 6,500 nautical miles at an awesome maximum speed of 28 knots and a cruise speed 20 knots. The new design will also showcase some of the most engaging entertainment options there are such as a nightclub, a casino and a dual-level cinema. The whole 656 feet yacht will be consisted of 45 guest rooms, 22 guest suites, 10 VIP rooms, an owner’s deck and more than sufficient space to accommodate its crew of 70 personnel.

Via CNN Money

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