Scarlett Johansson Designs A Bag To Help Haiti Victims

The Haiti earthquake has been like a waking call for the fallibility of human life. The way things change drastically when nature shows its wrath for less than 60 seconds. Nope. We do not see it as pessimism, but more like realism. People all over the world has been closely following the resuce reports and are also doing their but by contributing money and sending silent prayers to the dude up there. Famous celebs are no exception.

We have seen how former U.S president Bill Clinton has been tirelessly working to help the disaster struck Haitians. Hollywood stars like George Clooney are also helping raise funds. Then there are the likes of P. Diddy’s son who went ahead and shared his birthday money with the people in Haiti.

Now, it is Scarlett Johansson turn to do her bit. The gorgeous lady has shown us all that she has a heart of gold as she has gone ahead to design a solidarity handbag for the Spanish retailer Mango to rasise funds for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. The bag has a cartographical representation of Haitin with words incribed that say “supporting the people of Haiti, designed by Scarlett Johansson.” You can get this handbag across 1,390 Mago stores all over the world from March onwards. The price is $29.90. Come do your bit.


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